About Us

Perfect Clean (Edinburgh)

has established its reputation within a diverse range of business/industry sectors across Edinburgh’s, with several chains choosing to be serviced through out their organization.

Our business was founded on the ethos of WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS DONE and we have been delighted to see our Clients value this service and work ethic. With the strong administrational, managerial and training implementations we deliver the highest standards of service obtainable which has now became Perfect Clean culture.


Business As We Do It

We believe in business, every company will or should make such a claim, what ever business industry. However, only a relatively few can actually achieve this goal with fewer still achieving and maintaining consistently throughout its working practice. Although young, however, well established, our clients would back our mission statement and level of service provided.

Our Team

At Perfect Clean we recognise the value of Employees. Within a business that is reflected and judged upon by the quality of their work the company’s success is literally in their hands it is therefore of paramount importance that we have the correct people in place at all levels.

Our Team of workers always respond positively to a demanding work environment knowing their employer values their professionalism at all times. As well as daily recognition for the and work carried out the Employees with Monthly/Annual incentives and benefit from the constant investment made by Perfect Clean in the state of the art materials, equipment and chemicals to lighten their demanding work loads.


The Management of Perfect Clean is one of seasoned professionals. Coming from a variety of different business back grounds they all posses excellent interpersonal, communicative, motivational skills and are all as enthusiastic as me in delivering our continually high standards as company culture. With strong focus on the management of our monitoring processes this enables Perfect Clean to be aware of any situations that may arise and act/respond quickly to place remedial action effectively to ensure potential small situations do not escalate.

These are a few of the attributes that set Perfect Clean apart from our competitors. We are hugely proud of our successes to date; however, we are always looking at new technologies and procedures to ensure the highest standards of service continue to be achieved.

Perfect Clean will continue its vision, investment and motivation that is driven at the heart and soul of our business, our employees, our people, the TEAM and thus continuing our growth. With this vision and our established reputation

Company is ISO certificated

health and safety is our priority

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