Pubs and Restaurants
Maintaining a clean and welcoming restaurant or pub is crucial to attract new customers and to keep your existing customer base loyal. No one likes sitting in unclean surroundings, especially when food or drink are involved.

Our team of highly trained staff are on hand to assist you’re running a city centre restaurant, country pub or cafe. Our investment into specialised equipment and machinery means we are able to complete any task required from daily cleaning to more specialised carpet and upholstery cleaning.

When the kitchen closes and last table is bussed, our cleaners come to work. Our cleaners are always ready to offer you best in restaurant cleaning solutions to make sure quality standards are always met.
Your restaurants have high standards and have always served the same to your customers, so it is important that the same standards are carried to your kitchen cleanliness as well. Having a clean restaurant not only keep customers happy, but also the entire restaurant staff to be happier.

With our cleaning services, your cooking environment and dining area will be ready for action every day and in pristine condition. When quality matters to you, Stonebridge cleaning is certainly an ideal choice. We give you results that you need and always expected.

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